Define Your Style | Step 2

Step 2 | Style Words

What words do you associate with style?

Write down anything you can think of, cross out words you don't identify with and star/underline/circle words you do identify with.

This is a great time to be a little aspirational. Choose 2-4 words that you like the most and BOOM, you have your style words.

There are so many words that can be used to describe style so feel free to pokle around pinterest and such or come up with your own. All the matters is that they mean something to you and you feel empowered to move foreward more intentionally into your personal style.

My favorite part about style words is that they give you direction. It's like creating values for your wardrobe. It is important to keep your words at the forefront of your mind as you shop and create outfits moving forward.

The best part about words is that they are not permanent so feel free to reevaluate in a couple months and add new words or maybe even change it up completely. As you change and grow, so will your words and that is A OK.