Define Your Style | Sarah Session 2 Recap

We have moved on from the consultation phase that took place in week 1. 

Now we move on to discovery.

The truth about style is that it cannot be fully defined by simply pinning or choosing inspiration images, circling a few style words or style icons, etc. It is something that develops over time.

Step 2: The defining phase

There are a couple ways to do this. 

The first option is to assess your wardrobe and begin to identify what outfits you love, what pieces you feel best in, and what combinations you are consistently drawn to. This is a more introspective option but it works really great.

The second option is to consult Instagram/Pinterest/Blogs for style images that interest you. I know this option isn't for everyone but if you have absolutely no idea where to begin, seeking out inspiration can be helpful. 

In our session we went over Sarah's "Style" board and identified some of the common elements. They were:


Cropped pants

Longline Jackets/Coats

Cool sneakers

Minimal outfits

Monochromatic color schemes


After completing the "Define Your Style" Guide, she identified a color scheme, fits she prefers, and determined that in addition to her outfit, she is willing to experiment with beauty.

To see more of our session, check out the video below!


See you next week for Sarah Session 3 where we will be assessing her closet!

Have fun + be stylish :-)