Full disclosure: I hate my chin in the photo but it feels honest.  Blazer-Zara (old), Tank-Zara (old) similar  here , Sunglasses- Karen Walker c/o Ditto

Full disclosure: I hate my chin in the photo but it feels honest.  Blazer-Zara (old), Tank-Zara (old) similar here, Sunglasses-Karen Walker c/o Ditto

Simplicity is defined as being something that is plain, natural, or easy to understand. As someone with countless interests, living a life of simplicity has never been easy.  I strive for it. I work for it. It always evades me or takes much longer than I assume it will.  

Take lifestyle portraits for example.  I recently shot some new portraits with a friend of mine, Ceci Frost, who is uber talented and you should check out her journey across country with her husband Kyle here. Anyway, as I began to prepare for the pictures to be taken, I over-analyzed, over-planned and in the end, got dressed in minutes and hoped for the best.  Being in front of a camera on any level has always stressed me out and in some cases, caused me to break out in hives. I hate that about myself. I really do.  The only solution I have come up with is to wear turtlenecks. As you can imagine, that only works a few times out of the year.

I am working on getting better and I am starting by filming short videos and taking self-timed photos of myself. It is helping me to get comfortable in front of the camera, practice poses, and allows me to see myself in a different light. They say that practice makes permanent, so here's hoping "they" are right.

Now to circle back to simplicity.  As I move forward with making more videos and posting more images, I want them to be as simple as possible.  I want people to understand them quickly and I want the overall aesthetic to be simple as well.  The funny thing about simplicity is it isn't easy or even very quick but with careful attention to detail and a clear vision, it can be achieved.  I am certainly going to try.